About Us

Our journey started when we took a step to establish an online business of personalized products. In this I-era, where everything is commercialized through the internet, and online shopping is becoming preferable. We wanted to initiate with the safest and pleasant experience of e-commerce for customers. So we emerged as Rays Creations. Although our company is based in Karachi, we are not limited to only one city. We ship all across Pakistan, including remote areas.

Rays Creations hold a vast range of products with multiple varieties. We give importance to people’s demands and trends. So we came up with an extensive collection of personalized jewelry and accessories. All customized items including bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, and keychains, etc. are available in the store with a quality that lasts for ages. Other products, for example, mobile phone covers are also available with customization features.

Other than these we are upgrading with apparels such as a collection of Abayas and Hijabs. They are stitched with best-quality material and elegant design. We have received a great response in such a short time and got demands to add more products to our store in the future, on which we are planning.

The products we deliver are also manufactured by us. Yes, we are manufacturers and suppliers as well. Through the products and customer service, we aim to serve customers with an experience that they wouldn’t have to go elsewhere for shopping. So we provide budget-friendly products with premium quality that is why we take care of everything by ourselves. We are concern about customers’ choices and preferences, and so we take account of every little detail our customers mention to get a perfect item for them. With the blessings of Al-Mighty, our business is successfully growing up, and soon we will become a renowned brand nationwide.